All AtlaNtic Cooperation for Ocean Research and innovation

Mission: To help building an alliance of marine science institutions across the Atlantic, North and South, and to invite scientists from around the world to come together and support this great transatlantic cooperation initiative. The main ambition of AANChOR is to promote the implementation of the South Atlantic Research and Innovation Flagship initiative and the Belém Statement (BS), signed by the EU, Brazil and South Africa in 2017, to upscale research and innovation cooperation within the Atlantic basin, from Antarctica to the Arctic.

Approach: Motion collage to integrate material in different formats: video footage with sound bites from main project co-chairs, kinetic typography with key messages, stock and provided photos and existing iconographic material and logos.

Client: Eurocean Foundation


Resilience-Increasing Strategies for Coasts – toolKIT

Mission: To show the benefits of the RISC-KIT toolkit to stakeholders and potential end users. The main objective of the RISC-KIT project is to develop methods, tools and management approaches to reduce risk and increase resilience to low-frequency, high-impact hydro-meteorological events in the coastal zone.

Approach: Interviews with potential end users, researchers and stakeholders filmed at different European locations.

Client: Eurocean Foundation